Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Our 4th was originally intended to comprise a double-feature at the local moviehouse; it was going to be Die Hard and either Ratatouille or Transformers. We came out of Die Hard totally jazzed on adrenaline and also feeling like we'd been kicked in the head for 2 hours, so we decided to take a break.

As it happens, there's a PC Richard (I don't know if these stores are located outside of NYC - its a Best-Buy-esque electronics store) located right across the street from the movie theater, and they happened to be having a massive July 4th sale, and I wanted to see how low their prices were on HDTVs. Just, you know, for kicks.

Surely you know the rest by now. The short version is that tomorrow, this is being delivered. (Also, since we haven't figured out which side will win the next-gen format war w/r/t DVDs, we're getting this DVD player, which will at least make the next few months go by a bit easier.)

I'm such a whore. But now I'm a whore with an HDTV!

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