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Oh happy day! It's PATTON day.

Sweet. This is out today? I'm already planning a trip to Borders to pick up the new TMBG today.
I just finished listening to it about 10 minutes ago; it's very difficult to listen to it at work when you can't really laugh out loud. Oh sweet baby jesus, it's hilarious. If anything, it's a little too short. I should've waited to buy the actual, physical CD instead of downloading it on iTunes - the actual CD also has a DVD. But I'm weak.

I ordered it off of the SubPop site; hopefully it will show up today as opposed to ship today.
If you do get it today, DO NOT listen to it in the car, or else you will drive into a tree.

It's too short, and I feel like I've already heard a lot of this material, but it doesn't matter - it's still fucking hilarious. I was in literal pain this morning, trying to hold back laughter as I finished the album at my desk; I'd listened to the first few bits this morning before I left for work and immediately knew that there was no way I'd be able to listen on the train without severely creeping everybody out.
I am now erect in defiance of God's will.

You're right, there's a lot of stuff that was "out there" before, whether it be through various youtube stuff or every single time I saw him on the late night shows.

Nevertheless, it's still fucking hilarious. The DVD contains much of the same stuff as the CD, it was just recorded about three months earlier in Athens, GA in front of a talky-drunk crowd (I don't know if it was the crowd itself or just the mike placement for the recording).

A guy in the audience does get peed on by another audience member, though. Which is nice.