Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

1. Very heavy therapy session today; the last place I wanted to go afterwards was back to work, although the A/C here is definitely better than home. If I were honest about keeping an honest-to-goodness blog, I'd probably go into some detail about what happened today, but I'm not, and even if I did, it's not meant for a public entry. The best way to explain what's been going on with me is with a metaphor: I have a throbbing headache; there's medicine that will fix my headache in the medicine cabinet; I do not get up to get the medicine; I continue to have a headache, and get angry with myself for not getting medicine.

2. The new Patton CD helped me out this morning, and little bits of this afternoon. It's way too short (I can only hope that there's a longer, "222"-esque companion piece coming shortly) and I think I'd already heard at least 50% of the material already, but it's still really, really funny.

3. The new TV kicks a tremendous amount of ass. There's a part of me that feels guilty for buying it when I still have a not-unconsiderable amount of debt, and that part of me has also kept me from talking about it here (even though it was only delivered on Saturday and I've only really had 2 days with it), but then, and this sort of goes back to #1, I think there's a part of me that feels guilty every time I do something I actually want to do. The TV itself, though, as an object, is, as I said, tremendous.

4. Tomorrow is a much-needed mental health day that also happens to be the day that the Cable guy comes to upgrade our cable box to HD.

5. I can't believe I never owned Peter Gabriel's "Passion". Not any more!

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