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1. Would you believe me if I told you that the Democrats in Congress are finally starting to grow some balls?

2. Would you believe me if I told you that Fox News called Mr. Rogers an "evil, evil man"?

3. Kath and I (and brother and bro's s/o) went up to my mom's house this weekend - well, actually, for less than 24 hours, all told - to see my stepfather's glorious return to the stage. There's a new-ish playhouse in my hometown, and it's apparently doing boffo business - every seat for the remainder of his show's run is currently sold out. For the 2 or 3 of you who went to my high school, did you know there's a theater in Museum Village? Hell, did you know Museum Village was still around? I felt like I was in 4th grade again.

4. Speaking of feeling young again: when we got back to the city yesterday, we were puttering around the apartment, and I asked Kath if she wanted to listen to any music, and she said, "do a playlist of Yes and ABWH", and I complied, and for the remainder of the afternoon I felt like I was back at summer camp, circa 1988-1992. Goddamn, I miss summer camp. Especially that summer camp. Some of the best summers of my life. That particular camp was a performing arts camp, so it was OK - nay, it was actively encouraged to be a nerd about music/theater/art, and thus I spent my formative years listening to Yes and Rush and Genesis (and, eventually, Phish, even before they'd signed to a major label); I suppose this is also why I felt such a deep distrust and distaste for anything "punk", because punk didn't require "chops". Some of the ex-campers have formed a Yahoo group, although the people from my years are very, very quiet. (And, also, when they were posting, a few months ago or whenever it was, it suddenly became clear that I didn't figure in many of their memories, which was kinda sad.)

5. Totally swamped at work today, and the remainder of the week looks somewhat bleak.
I drove by Museum Village the other day -- they had a playhouse sign up and I did a double take!
We're not supposed to have a playhouse -- all the plays are supposed to be in the middle school auditorium!!!
Full Circle
How odd my little friend. My wife, who is from New Jersey (shudder) started fulfilling her life long dream of civil war reenacting last year. Her first event? Museum village. It's about 1 hour plus from where we were living in NJ, but after I got done regailing her with tales of the old home town we spent more time up there. Almost 1 year later to the day, we are moving to New Windsor, right around the corner. Just a rental for now to see if the commute to NJ will kill us, but we shal see..... be well.