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2nd day in a row with bad stomach juju.  BUT.  Kath finished HP7 yesterday morning, and so I spent the rest of the day plowing through it, finishing a little past midnight.  And, yes, I was satisfied. 

So today I'm just gonna lie face down and be all grumbly.  Urgh.
Harry Potter
Hey Gumby!!! Am I the only person who wasn't that impressed by Harry 7? Feel better and keep in touch!
Re: Harry Potter
Thanks, dude! Good to see you on the ol 'LJ.

I was impressed with Harry 7 in the way that I was overcome with rage at the end of Sopranos - the ending worked for me. I've read all the HP books, but I'm not really a huge, obsessive fan or anything, so instead of having huge expectations, I was just really, really curious to see what happened.