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1. Went to see The Simpsons movie on Saturday. Bonus points: we saw it in Manhattan, with friends. IMHO, the first 20 minutes are hilarious, and then it becomes a by-the-numbers Simpsons episode, albeit longer and bigger. Which is to say, it's funny, but not the funniest movie (or Simpsons episode) I'd ever seen. Certainly nowhere near as shocking nor as gasping-for-breath-hilarious as the South Park movie, but, again, that's not necessarily a fair comparison.

2. Most of the rest of the weekend was spent obsessively listening to the yet-to-be-released Forms record. An argument can be made that it's somewhat repetitive (pretty much every song is in 5/4), and a lot of the songs sound the same (similar keys, similar grooves), but, nonetheless, it's been hitting a sweet spot in my brain and it just won't stop. And so I started working on a new song of my own, which is in 6/4 (I couldn't get it to work in 5/4), but my initial recordings sound kinda crappy. It sounds great in my head, though, so I'm gonna keep plugging away.

3. Oh, and last night's Flight of the Conchords was one of the best yet. Indeed, there are too many motha ucka's uckin' with my shi-.
IMHO, the first 20 minutes are hilarious, and then it becomes a by-the-numbers Simpsons episode, albeit longer and bigger.

Right on the fucking money, I'd say.
"You're pretty much the most disliked race in this whole country."
"What about black people?"
"They don't like you either."
Sout Park vs Simpson showdown
So it's been forever since I have seen South Park or the Simpson since I gave up tv a couple years ago but I managed to catch a South Park episode the other day where they were trying to destroy The Family Guy (rightfully so) and Cartman had enlisted the help of Bart Simpson. During the episode, Cartman asked Bart what the worst thing he ever did was and Bart's response was that he cut the head of a statue. Cartman says, "Oh yeah, man that's pretty bad. The worst thing I ever did was kill my enemey's parents and then feed them to him in his chili."

see, not really comparable.

i saw these guys about 4 ago at the melbourne comedy festival. very very funny so good to see them hitting 'big'. if they're playing anywhere u should ck them out.

one of the guys is also in a movie (eagle vs shark) that looks pretty funny. it's on here at our intl film festival so i'm gonna try to check it out. jen
music nerd re: forms
now now...oberlin is in 4, white dot is in 6, alpha is in 7, borges is in 9, transmission verse is 4 and chorus 3, bones verse in 7 and chorus in 8, blue whale in something weird but not 5/4...
Re: music nerd re: forms
You're right, of course, although Borges shouldn't count since it's not really a "song"... and Blue Whale feels like it's in 6/4 (and the verses are constructed in 3 6/4 phrases)... that said, "Getting It Back" is in 5/4, as is "Knowledge In Hand", and those are 2 of my favorites on the new one. So is "Focus", come to think of it. And "Red Gun". So that's 4 songs in 5/4. (Not to mention "Seagull" and "Stravinsky" from the first album.)

Who are you, btw?