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1. I think it's safe to say that the lolcats furor has died down, but even so, sometimes they still hit it out of the park.

2. Good session today, although it got pretty heavy with about 5 minutes left, which seems to happen more and more. As far as my anxiety issues go, I'm in the roughest part of the process, which is basically calling for exposure exposure exposure.

3. This might sound a little wierd, but there's been some wierd serendipity/synchronicity with me and my therapy lately. At my last session, my doc gave me a bit of homework where I have to take an extended walk and monitor my anxiety levels throughout. As it happens, that very day was the same day as the gigantic steam pipe explosion, and so I was FORCED to take an extended walk - for the next 3 days, actually. Anyway, after today's session, I happened to run into an old friend of mine from a summer camp I used to go to, and we've agreed to meet up for lunch/drinks in the near future. I don't necessarily want to read into these sorts of coincidences too much, but, I mean, when life gives you these sorts of opportunities, you sorta have to take 'em.

4. And speaking of which, this weekend is Lollapalooza in Chicago. That's about 1000x more anxiety exposure than I'm prepared for, but that's sorta the whole point - I have to stop being so "prepared" all the time.

5. Hot Fuzz on DVD today. There was a question as to whether I should buy it today, and if so, which format (regular / HD ), and if I were to go next-gen, what to do about a player (specifically, this or this). But you know what? I'm already neck-deep in debt because of the TV - I'm through spending gobs of money I don't have on this sort of shit. And I'm also through buying DVDs on their release date. We're getting "Zodiac" via Netflix today, which is a movie we both want to see, anyway - we can wait until tomorrow for Hot Fuzz, or even until next week.

P.S. - look for me on goodreads!
Funny, "Zodiac" is next in my queue too. It really came and went in theaters, huh?
We were dying to see it, and then we both happened to sneeze at the same time, and when we looked up it was gone.
My old friend, I'm sorry to hear about your anxiety problems, that must really suck. Even in high school you were Uber talented, i doubt the years have changed that, in fact they probably have made things better. Music appreciation is an odd thing. Some people like some music other people like other stuff, there is no pressure. If you want to make music, than make it. It's up to the people themselves to enjoy it or not. Being in the industry, the happiest and most succesful musicians just play, they put their art out there for the public. Its kind of " if you build it they will come " kind of thing. If you want, send me a cd of your stuff, I'll pass it around and see what I can do for you. Let me know. Be well,
Thanks, dude. It's been a rough last couple years; I don't know where it came from, but I'm doing my best to deal with it.

And as for my music, the most recent stuff can be found here: jervo.vox.com/library/audio/
Jer, email me at Aleks_Krastins@yahoo.com I have a couple of questions about your music, if you dont mind. Hang in there.