My waistline understands the Curse of Ham!. I had to post something on that site, it was just too tempting..
It is Barack Hussein Obama’s curse of coloredness that will prevent him from ever being elected leader of a true Christian nation, one that is founded upon Christian principle by the chosen, fair-skinned people of God.

i couldn't read past that point because i was afraid i would pick up my computer and toss it across the room.
And this is all true.

My favorite part is them describing rape as a "sometimes unpleasant situation". Have they ever gone outside? Ever?
I think we're wasting energy by being concerned what this person thinks.
Nothinganything.... the scary part is that it is not one person, it is an organization of people. There are more than one of these idiots running around out there!!!
Is it really? Are we talking about 5 people running around single file to hide their numbers (like sand people)? Because this looks a lot like a cult. Seems like (and I say this as an Alabamian) common sense would prevent this from spreading too far.
Nothinganything- Look at the Branch Davidians, Jim Jones' followers, the hale bot comet people, Mormons practicing pleural marriage, republicans in general( just kidding). All these groups had tenets that we would consider "out there" and all of them had followers that would die for the cause.
The comments are just too great. Reminds me of that old Onion article, "Uneducated Forklift Driver to Address Nation on Rush Limbaugh".
Apparently the whole Baptists for Brownback site is a parody. I thought it was real, but then I read this
and this

Scary part was how many people seemed sooooo ready to jump right on the bandwagon. Urgh....

And as for parodies like this, I'm just not sure what to think. I suppose in their defense, the very best parody is one where you think THIS IS REAL!, then say, WAAAITTT A MINUTE... CAN'T BE. Like Jesus General, that kind of thing. But these guys still cut too close for real comfort, especially on the rape issue.
You know, I looked at those links, but I don't see where they necessarily prove that this site isn't real. In any event, what's really scary is that if this is in fact a joke, there are some people who aren't in on it.
I kind of wish I could carry the curse of ham... I have all this cheese in my refrigerator just sitting there. Waiting.