Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Took an extra vacation day today.

1. So, Lolla. The punishing heat and humidity meant that we hung out in our air-conditioned hotel room rather than stumble around the park listening to bands that we didn't really care about, but when we did venture out, we saw some good stuff. For me, the highlight was LCD Soundsystem, who were fan-freaking-tastic, and Blonde Redhead was great as well. We had a difficult choice on Saturday, and we opted for Patti Smith over Spoon (because, well, I'll see Spoon again, but I don't know that I'd ever find myself seeing Patti Smith), and she was incredible. Patti Smith, incidentally, was the only artist at the whole festival (besides Pearl Jam) who actually made any sort of political statement, which was a bit surprising.

There were some disappointing sets, too - Apostle of Hustle kinda sucked, Interpol was boring, Yo La Tengo was either too abrasive or too self-indulgent, Modest Mouse's sound wasn't great, TV on the Radio's set was cut short because My Morning Jacket ran too long (they were still good, though, but I must admit that we weren't in the best spot for them - we had secured a hillside seat for Pearl Jam, so we were on the extreme stage right side of TVotR's stage)... and Pearl Jam was Pearl Jam. It was fun to finally see them, and it was great to hear all the old hits again - and I will admit to feeling like I was back in high school when they busted out the old "Ten" songs - but they stopped being vital for me a few albums ago, and I have to say that Mike McCready could be the lamest lead guitarist in rock today - he's been playing the same shitty blues licks for 15 years, and he very well might have inspired that AVClub column about guitar solos, if rock critics still listened to Pearl Jam.

2. My iPod finally died over the weekend, which SUCKS. It was working on the plane TO Chicago, but died sometime after that. What especially sucks is that I'd really wanted to hold off getting a new one until they unveiled the next generation, which (according to some rumors) will be like an iPhone, but without the phone. Oh well.

3. I've gotten really good at flying! My main problem now is simply getting to the airport.

Hope all is well with you folk.

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