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According to the dude at the RadioShack near my apartment, Apple is no longer manufacturing the 80gig iPods... which probably means that the next-gen iPod is coming out sooner rather than later.  Which means I'm probably gonna have to find my old discman for the time being.
well, the (cough)apple store is down for an update right now, so they may be doing things soon?
That may be true, but Snopes.com needs a Radio Shack section. Their stores and employees have gone down down downhill for the last ten years. The "nice" location over here has never heard of this "firewire" stuff.
He was saying that his particular Radio Shack store was out of them, and that they couldn't order any more because Apple had stopped manufacturing them. If another store still had some stock, obviously they could be sold. Apple seems to be selling them directly.
Gotcha. Sounds like waiting for 7th gen is the way to go then. An iPhone form-factor, without the phone and more storage is what will sell big.
That's what I wanted in the first place; I was just hoping my current iPod would last me until then.