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Holy shit, it's Christmas in August. First Karl Rove says he's gonna resign at the end of August, and now: Chapter 13 of Trapped In the Closet is online.

Pretty good weekend, all told.

We saw The Bourne Ultimatum on Saturday, which was pretty good, except for the hand-held camera work which made us a bit queasy and disoriented. I think I was expecting a bigger reveal at the end, or at least some sort of twist.

We also watched Hot Fuzz with commentary last night, and I just gotta say - if I were 15 years old, and an aspiring filmmaker, I'd drop everything I was doing and go to the UK and do everything I could do to have Edgar Wright as a mentor. Simon Pegg is hilarious (as is the rest of the cast), obviously, but it's clear that Edgar Wright is what makes Hot Fuzz and Shaun and Spaced so brilliant, and his knowledge of film and literature is mammoth in scope.

It turns out that Apple is, in fact, still manufacturing 80gb iPods; it's just that every RadioShack in NYC is out of them at the moment. I've decided that I can't wait for a next-gen announcement - I need my music, and I need it yesterday.
RadioShack: Apple "Probably Not Doing Anything Anymore".

I wish Hot Fuzz wasn't "short wait".
I only heard of "Trapped in the Closet" a couple of weeks ago thanks to these guys ripping the piss out of it in one of their shows (podcast2, if you're interested...) How did it pass me by? It's soooooo embarrassing to watch! But I wuv it.
The real magic happens on the DVD, which features R. Kelly's commentary. The commentary is him, sitting in a chair and smoking a cigar, with his back to us, watching it on a screen, and periodically turning his head back to the camera and explaining how awesome it is. Truly mind-blowing.