Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Up late with bad stomach juju. 

Downloaded the St. Vincent record earlier this evening, and I'm now fully obsessed with the lead track, "Now Now".  This also prompted me to consider my favorite songs of 2007, thus far.

In alphabetical order:

Andrew Bird, "Heretics"
Battles, "Atlas"
Bloc Party, "I Still Remember"
Cornelius, "Fit Song"
Deerhoof, "The Galaxist"
Dungen, "Familj"
Feist, "My Moon My Man"
The Forms, "Knowledge in Hand" / "Red Gun" / "Bones" / "Getting It Back"
Interpol, "Mammoth"
LCD Soundsystem, "Us V Them"
Peter Bjorn and John, "Up Against The Wall"
The Sea and Cake, "Left On"
The Shins, "Sleeping Lessons"
St. Vincent, "Now, Now"
Stars, "Midnight Coward"
Wilco, "Side with the Seeds"

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