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1. This week's dust-off album: Mos Def, "Black on Both Sides."

2. I guess I haven't posted in a while. Hmm. Not a tremendous amount to report; saw some folks at the Beer Garden on Saturday, which was nice (if a bit hot and muggy); finished Bioshock, which was awesome; Yankees kinda sucked, which wasn't so awesome.

2a. I have deliberately not talked about the Yankees for the last few months. But since it now appears that they're pretty much ready to shit the bed, I feel a bit better about opening my mouth a bit. And really, all I can say right now is that I'm looking forward to next season; I've got Joba fever.

3. The best way to express how I feel about the resignation of Alberto Gonzales is through this animated gif:

that is the perfect animation for gonzales. the clap for a person making a total disaster of the job at hand!
I'm just glad to see him go. And really, he'll be fine; he won't remember a thing. /rimshot
this was the first place i read the news about the resignation--thank gonzo!!

and that picture loops perfectly!! i need to resize/crop it for an LJ pic...
my politics filter must have been on, because i didn't see the stuff about mos def and bioshock--how long did it take you to beat it? what difficulty did you pick? was it worth a full 60 bucks?
I'm not entirely sure, but I think Bioshock took me around 15 hours, on the regular difficulty setting. I did a lot of poking around for the first 70% of the game, and then, as the action got a bit more frantic, I may have rushed through the last few bits. It's the sort of game where you really want to take your time - if nothing else, I'd have to say that this game has the finest attention to detail of any game I've ever played, and every single room has something interesting to see.

Personally, while I have some slight problems with the story, the game as a whole is pretty goddamned impressive (especially on an HDTV - now, if only I had 5.1), and certainly worth playing at least twice (since what you do with the Little Sisters has a tremendous effect on the story, and there are apparently 3 different endings). I'm anxious to play it again, although I sorta want to wait a bit before diving back in, to keep it somewhat fresh. It's an easy choice for GOTY, and it's raised the bar considerably high for games like Call of Duty 4 and Mass Effect to take top honors.
I agree with your Bioshock comments.

I think that the backstory (told through audio logs and atmosphere) is probably the best I've ever experienced in a game — you can very easily get lost in one of the subplots, following one minor character's arc all the way through the game via their diaries.

The main plot, as it concerns your character and the 2-3 other major characters, has some serious flaws. I'm going to pay way closer attention in my second playthrough, but I'm not sure if it'll make any more sense next time.

Its flaws aside, it owns so many individual superlatives (great combat, great art, great voice acting, great level design, great character-building) that I doubt any other game has a chance at GOTY.
Not to mention - and this really needs to be singled out - it has the best sound design of any game I've ever played. Not just the voice acting, which is generally superb - and not even the music, which is incredibly evocative and creepy - this game features the best foley work I've ever heard.