Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

My dad asked for a post - he gets a post.

1. Just started reading Borges' "Collected Fictions" over the weekend; I'm already totally hooked. This is the first time I've ever read Borges, so I can't vouch for this particular translation as it compares to others, but regardless - I'm loving it.

2. Pretty good therapy session today, although as usual we didn't get to the real nitty gritty until right at the very end. Lots of interesting stuff to think about. I may make a private blog entry on what exactly that stuff entails, because, after all, that's sorta what blogs are for.

3. At some point over the weekend it occured to me that with one or two exceptions, I've put absolutely none of my classical music CDs onto my iPod. That all changed rather dramatically yesterday afternoon - now I've got lots and lots of Copland (esp. Symphony #3), Glenn Gould playing Bach Preludes and Fugues, Mahler 1 and 2 and Stravinsky (all Bernstein/NYPhil), and some Prokofiev and Debussy. I think I need to acquire some Rachmaninoff piano concerti, and some Shotchtakovich (I know I'm mangling the spelling) - I have fond memories of being a little kid, driving in the car with my dad and listening to certain S'kovich pieces, although I can't remember if they were symphonies (5, maybe?) or something else.

That's all for now. If the afternoon slows down a bit I'll get back into it.

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