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I love my wife. She makes me feel good. Today's been agonizingly slow, and I'm fighting a cold, and my mind is wandering all over the place, and blah blah blah - but a quick phone call with her and I'm back on track.

Still plugging away at the Borges, and I'm really, really loving it. The man is a genius. Makes me want to re-read House of Leaves, actually, since it owes quite a bit to him and there may even be a few explicit references to him and his work; it also makes me want to re-read Infinite Jest, again. His influence is all over Calvino and Eco, too - hell, he's probably influenced most of my bookshelves. The surge of excitement and inspiration I'm getting out of Borges is actually kinda similar to what I was feeling when I was first getting into Steve Reich earlier this year; a lot of the music that I'd already been listening to was suddenly, immediatly thrust into a completely different context, and it turned my brain inside out.

Speaking of which, I really need to get back to a regular songwriting schedule. I've been slacking again. Although, it begs the question: what exactly am I writing for? I'm not in a band, I'm not really sure I want to be in a band anymore, and I'm not sure that anybody who doesn't already know me would even care one way or the other. (And does that even matter?) This question is also somewhat related to where my therapy session left off the other day. Not quite sure I want to get into that right at this very moment, because I'm sure I'll get interrupted at an inopportune moment of emotional breakthrough. Which always happens around here.

The internet has been dumb lately, which is why I've not been posting any links, which is why I've not been posting. Ah well.
Totally unrelated to your post ---- it seems that we have had a strange migration of people back to this part of the world, so that Aleks, Jes and I are all now living within a few miles of each other. Beren comes down from Boston with her husband on a semi-regular basis as well. Sometime if you're up this way visiting family and you're not averse to having a gathering, let me know and we can all get together for a cup of coffee in an entertaining reuniony type thing 15 years later. :)
Count me in for a reunion! Jeremy, I was always jealous of your talent,seriously. I remember when you got your first 12 string guitar. I think I remember correctly. It was right around the time I walked to your house to hang out. You have talent. If you keep it to yourself, thats cool. make music for yourself, the rest of the world doesnt have to be involved. Make music for your family if you want. Be selfish with it if you want, or share it. You just have sh*tloads of talent I am envious of. Just wanted you to know I still believe in you, even after not seeing you for a long long time. I listened to your stuff and the magic is still there in your playing.