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Pretty good weekend; more eventful than usual, although that's not saying much.

1. Went to a roof party last night - and it was, by far, the best roof I've ever been on in NYC. The roof itself is, pardon the pun, decked out - multiple grill locations, lots of benches and seating options, and absolutely incredible views all around. The weather was cooperative, and it also meant that I was able to miss the first half of what turned into a forgettable Giants opening day loss.

2. I stubbed my toe on Saturday. That's not necessarily blog-worthy, but, I mean, I freakin' KILLED it - I kicked the metal leg of my desk chair with my middle toe on my right foot. I actually thought I broke it, judging by the colors it eventually turned. I was able to get that foot inside of a sock and shoe this morning, so it's already 100x better than it was yesterday.

3. For the past 2 days, Lily and Lola (hereinafter, the "little bitches") have decided that 4:00am is a perfectly good time to start whining and scratching our bedroom door.

4. I'd been meaning to pick up the Tokyo Police Club album; Kath ended up getting it herself yesterday. It's quite good, although it's quite short; they do sound like an awful lot of other bands (Interpol, Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, etc.) but when they get it right it's very enjoyable.

5. I've been on a Steve McQueen kick lately; we Netflix'd Bullitt (the car chase is amazing, the rest of the movie is kinda meh - I kept expecting McQueen to just lay someone out with a punch, but it never came), and then followed that up with The Towering Inferno. (Of course, I felt compelled to put on the "That's Armageddon" sketch from Kentucky Fried Movie as a pre-movie trailer, which was quite spot-on, as it turned out.)
How do dogs suddenly go insane during the night time? My old dog used to clatter around the place when she thought it was time for me to get up and take her out for a walk in the morning. My apartment used to have wood floors, and she would bang her paws off the floor so her nails would make a racket.

Then, one morning I woke up about 4am to find the pooch (I swear to god) tiptoeing around the apartment, not making a sound! Seriously!
Sorry about your toe, Jer. That's gotta hurt. You didn't ice it? It helps a LOT!

Since Bailey sleeps with Devin, they go to bed at the same time. We line them both up together and, with great fanfare finally announce in a way over the top hyped up tone: "Go tuck Devin in bed!!!" at which point the two of them race up the stairs as fast as they can go into Devin's room and onto the bed. Should Devin happen to beat the dog, he (the dog) makes a big show of a growl and a challenge. He absolutely has to's hilarious. Then he just licks your face off.
Re: doggies
Dude( Doodlebug) is very considerate and rarely complains....I get up at 4:30 am. On week-ends he lets me sleep but worries if I sleep past 7:30am. A really good dog.. is DB the corgi.