Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Pretty good weekend; more eventful than usual, although that's not saying much.

1. Went to a roof party last night - and it was, by far, the best roof I've ever been on in NYC. The roof itself is, pardon the pun, decked out - multiple grill locations, lots of benches and seating options, and absolutely incredible views all around. The weather was cooperative, and it also meant that I was able to miss the first half of what turned into a forgettable Giants opening day loss.

2. I stubbed my toe on Saturday. That's not necessarily blog-worthy, but, I mean, I freakin' KILLED it - I kicked the metal leg of my desk chair with my middle toe on my right foot. I actually thought I broke it, judging by the colors it eventually turned. I was able to get that foot inside of a sock and shoe this morning, so it's already 100x better than it was yesterday.

3. For the past 2 days, Lily and Lola (hereinafter, the "little bitches") have decided that 4:00am is a perfectly good time to start whining and scratching our bedroom door.

4. I'd been meaning to pick up the Tokyo Police Club album; Kath ended up getting it herself yesterday. It's quite good, although it's quite short; they do sound like an awful lot of other bands (Interpol, Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, etc.) but when they get it right it's very enjoyable.

5. I've been on a Steve McQueen kick lately; we Netflix'd Bullitt (the car chase is amazing, the rest of the movie is kinda meh - I kept expecting McQueen to just lay someone out with a punch, but it never came), and then followed that up with The Towering Inferno. (Of course, I felt compelled to put on the "That's Armageddon" sketch from Kentucky Fried Movie as a pre-movie trailer, which was quite spot-on, as it turned out.)

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