Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

1. Last night was great; we ordered some surprisingly delicious Indian food and watched the Death Proof DVD, which was... what's the word... oh yeah, AWESOME. The DVD is essentially the longer and uncut European version, from what I understand; since I missed it in the theaters when it was a double feature, I didn't know (or notice) the difference. The movie itself is a lot of fun; we were frequently high-fiving each other during the film's climax. I was particularly curious to see how this film would look on DVD - one of the reasons why I was so excited to see the double feature in the theater was to see the scratches, the skipped frames, the missing reels - and for the most part, it looks absolutely fantastic at looking authentic. The biggest disconnect - and I'm sure this is intentional - is to see this scratched up film with saturated colors, and Quentin's typical love of all things old, mixed up with the modern, real world; seeing a cellphone feels anachronistic, and the final car chase, which features two classic 70s cars swerving between SUVs and Hyundais and Toyota Corollas, is just plain surreal.

The consensus from all I've read and heard about the original double feature is that Quentin's is the better film of the two, while Robert Rodriguez's "Planet Terror" is the more authentic "Grindhouse" movie; I'll see for myself in October. The one thing that's missing on the DVD are the trailers for the fake movies during the intermission; if they're not on the Planet Terror DVD, I'm sure that means that another edition of Grindhouse will show up in the spring, and I'm sure I'll be an idiot and suck it up and get it. They're doing it with Kill Bill; I read a formal announcement of a complete and extended version incorporating both films the day after I ended up buying the original versions on DVD. I'm weak.

2. The night before, we'd Netflix'd Chinatown, a movie neither of us had ever seen. It's fantastic in pretty much every regard, and certainly worthy of its "classic" status; unfortunately, we ended up cracking each other up during the final scene, and now the film's famous last line is now a punchline for whenever the dogs poop on the floor, which is all the time these days - "Just forget it, honey, it's Chinatown." Kath had but one gripe with the movie - the movie's called Chinatown, and it's continually referred to in the movie, but you don't actually SEE Chinatown until the last 5 minutes and all the chaos that ensues is from non-Chinese people. Kath says a better title for the movie would be "Don't Fuck Your Daughter".

3. Against all better judgment, I succumbed to the Halo 3 hype.

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