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1. I've been absolutely slammed at work this week, which is why I've not been posting. I did want to link to a story that I just heard about this morning, specifically intended for those of you who may not have been aware that Rudy Giuliani was a fucking scumbag before he became "America's Mayor". And for those of you who don't feel like reading, the gist of the story is that there's an official Giuliani campaign event of grassroots house parties, where the suggested donation is $9.11.

2. I've been recording again, although none of it is post-worthy. I was talking with a friend last week about getting back to the writing grind after an extended hiatus; it can be disconcerting and/or discouraging when the first few things you turn out end up being utter garbage. Still, though, it's good to shake off the rust. As the weather gets cooler, and my office/studio gets less uncomfortable, I anticipate getting more and more productive.

3. I got Halo 3 yesterday. I'm not completely in awe of its magnificence.
The Giuliani link didn't work for me.
RAAM is hard, but doable. I can help you out doing it co-op, if that would help; I haven't played it in a while, but it sure is fun.

Bioshock... mmm, Bioshock. I'm not necessarily the world's greatest videogame player, but I actually thought Bioshock was somewhat easy, at least on the default difficulty setting. The game is really good at letting you figure out how you want to play, and then letting you improve on those specific skills; I forget how long it took me to finish, but certainly you can put it way in one long weekend.
Thanks. I tend get a little rambly in those posts, and there's a wierd bug in their software where it looks like I've misplaced the space bar, but - I also unleash my videogame nerd face there in all its pimply glory, thus saving the LJ universe.
Yeah nobody here knows I spend like
3 hours a day on WoW. I can skimpathize.

And I kinda figured those typos weren't yours.