Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

1. Just this weekend I was talking with a friend of mine about digital distribution and file sharing and how it applied to me as a musician - was I for or against it? This was 24 hours before the Radiohead bombshell hit the internets.

I remember when the internet was just starting to become widespread - my dad warned me very sternly about putting my music online, but (if I remember correctly) his concern was mostly about copyright issues; he was concerned that if I put a song online, someone else could steal my song if I didn't have the proper materials that proved the song was mine first. Which is a perfectly valid thing to be concerned about; I still haven't copywritten any of the stuff I've posted already, although I'm not terribly worried that anybody's gonna steal it. And anyway, R.E.M. had a song on "Out of Time" that features a chorus that is pretty much exactly the same chorus as a song I'd written and recorded the previous summer; sometimes these things just happen. (Also - the best lyric I ever wrote, which was based on a true event, happened to be the opening lyric for a Replacements song that I'd never heard before.)

If you'd asked me about this question 5-10 years ago, I'd have been totally anti-file sharing. But now, what with the proliferation of sites like myspace and the music industry's complete ineptitude in the face of technology, I'm absolutely for it. In fact, I don't really see how I could expect to get anything I'll ever record from here on out WITHOUT file sharing.

What Radiohead is doing is brilliant on so many levels; they're not the first ones to be doing what they're doing, but they're certainly the most influential and important band to be doing it, and whatever happens in 10 days is probably going to be a watershed moment for the industry at large.

2. My brother, a die-hard Mets fan, IMed me this morning:

choke monsters
Jeremy: who, the Eagles?
Jono: METS
Jeremy: i didn't want to say anything
because there's nothing i could say that would sound sincere
wait, hold on a sec
i think i'm choking on something

I could've sworn there was more I wanted to write about. There may yet still be.

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