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Ah, now I remember what I wanted to talk about yesterday...

The new Iron & Wine album has grown on me tremendously, as has the new New Pornographers. Both albums felt kinda dull on first listen, but on the 2nd go-round they absolutely killed me. The I&W has a sort of Talk Talk production aesthetic - if you listen closely there's all sorts of interesting ambient things happening. And the New Pornos album... it's just gold. Maybe it's not as utterly fantastic as Twin Cinema, but it's still really, really good.

Now, as for today... not much else is happening. Work's been busy pretty much non-stop lately. More importantly, though, I can feel myself getting closer and closer to breaking out of my songwriting rut. Once the Yankees are done with the postseason, there's nothing to distract me.

And speaking of the postseason; I'm keeping my expectations low. In the NL, I'm rooting for the Phils and the Cubbies to fight it out in the NLCS, and ultimately I guess I'll be rooting for the Cubs to make it to the WS. I have absolutely no idea what's going to happen in the AL, however; all 4 teams are powerful and flawed. I know the Yanks destroyed Cleveland during the regular season, and I also know that the Yanks never faced the probable Cy Young winner, CC Sabathia. I'm not entirely sure I trust the Yankee starting rotation, either, and it remains to be seen which version of Arod we're gonna get in the next few weeks. The Angels scare me the most, obviously, but I don't necessarily want Boston to stomp all over them - I'd love to see that series go to 5, with at least 2 games going to extra innings.
I'm ordinarily not such a big fan of the "Bleecker and Broadway" guy's songs, but I like his contributions on Challengers. My personal favorite on the new album is "Unguarded"... the post-chorus singalong just kills me.
I think the Phils have a good shot vs the Rockies, although you're looking at TWO teams that are hot as heck right now, so it'll be the battle of the buzzsaws.

And in all seriousness, I predict the Cubs in four. But they should be some darn good games. The D'backs have been Cub-killers this season, but the team they killed is not the team they'll be playing. Arizona's bullpen scares the heck out of me, but I think the Cubs have the advantage in terms of starters and big bats. And Sweet Lou.

(this is what I love about the interwebs - I don't know a whole lot about the AL teams, so I can look to my Yankee fan friends to keep me in the loop as to what to expect out of those playoffs, etc)
I gotta say - this is shaping up to be one of the most exciting postseasons in recent memory. All 4 series look intriguing to me. As you're not as up on the AL teams, I'm not up on the NL; but I'm certainly going to be paying attention.

It'll be easy for me to root for the Cubs against Arizona; I hate Arizona. I have no idea what to expect for the Phils/Rocks; you're right, they're both incredibly hot right now, although I have to believe that Jimmy Rollins is the difference maker. Then again, who knows what could happen in Coors field...
Game 1 tonight is going to be a big decider, I think (of the Cubs/D'backs series, that is). If the Cubs can be cagey vs. Webb, and show some plate discipline, they're in good shape.

Zambrano seems to be very mellow, which is good. He wears his heart on his sleeve, and he can really melt down in big games. But in a press conference yesterday, Zambrano said, he was "going to go the mound and let the game come to me." Which is VERY calm and out of character for Z, so I have a good feeling about him. I'll tell you this - you can see everything you need to know about Zambrano in the first two innings. When he's on his game, he moves quickly and gets quick outs. But he also can fall apart VERY easily if things don't go his way right away.

I'm also hoping to see some patience from Soriano. He is such a fan of that lead-off homer that his strike zone on the first pitch is GIANT. While it would be pretty sweet to see the first pitch of the postseason knocked out of the park, I'm really hoping to see some smart hitting on the part of the Cubs.
Soriano? Patience? I loved Soriano when he was a Yankee, but patience was never his strong suit. In 2001, his first real season as a Yankee, in 574 ABs he walked 29 times. And in 2002, he spent the entire month of September trying to make the 40/40 club and slumped horribly; in 696 ABs he walked 23 times. You gotta figure that drives Lou CRAZY.
Yeah, that's why I said I was "hoping" to see it, but I'm sure not counting on it. Don't even get me started about him leading off, either. If there was ever a team that could benefit from LaRussa's "experiment" of having the pitcher bat 8th, it would be the 2007 Cubs. Although I certainly don't want to see Lou make any changes like that NOW.