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Guns don't kill people, bullets kill people. Talk to the bullet people.

Yep, so there's been another school shooting. Oh man. I'm so relieved my younger brother just graduated high school. I'd much rather have him wandering around the streets of New York City than in the suburbs.

What the hell is going on in this country? Why is the youth of America so stupid? Does bringing a gun to school and killing people really fix anything? Have any of these psychopaths watched the news and seen that nothing good happens after the guns stop firing? And how the hell are they getting guns in the first place? And why the fuck is the NRA not doing a goddamned thing about it? Are people just idiots?

Lemme tell you, there were a lot of times in high school when I felt like a total loser, when I thought everybody hated me, when I'd get picked on because I was in the drama club, when just trying to be myself was the ultimate exercise in futility. Did I think that by killing people that I'd fix any of that?

Folks, there is life after high school, and it's much better. What's the matter, you feel a little left-of-center? Not as popular as you'd like to be? Got dumped? Failing a class? That's fine, that's cool, everybody's been there. What the fuck do you think you'll accomplish by KILLING SOMEONE?

Idiots. Jesus. The problem in this society isn't violence in the media, unless you're talking about the news. The problem is absentee parenting. I know this has been said about a million times and it's awfully cliched, but it just blows my mind that you have to have a license to drive a car, but any idiot cause a pregnancy.

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