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Kath and I don't play favorites, but I think our dogs might. Lily has become Kath's virtual shadow, and Lola has become my little buddy. Last night we were in two different rooms, and much to my surprise, Lola stayed and hung out with me.

I know I keep saying this, but it's true - I'm starting to get motivated again. I've been listening to everything I've recorded over the last 6 or 7 years, trying to pick out little bits here and there that I might be able to turn into something, and it turns out that there's actually quite a bit that I'd totally forgotten about. There's also quite a bit that's become almost embarassing to listen to, of course, but that's why it's good to record in bulk. Anyway. The plan is to compile the best ideas (anywhere from 15-20) and actually finish them, and then start recording anew.
i'm not familiar at all with the creation of music, but in my experience with art i've found the revision process to be really helpful...

do you think that hearing your older stuff gives you ideas about new things to create? or more like, the vision to improve upon the existing stuff?

it's been neat watching (er, reading and not really commenting on ;) the sort of organic way that you've been reconnecting with your music. it's totally inspiring for me. i guess i'm just curious about your artistic process, as it were...
It's hard to say, really; I've been pretty dormant over the last year or so, and I have no idea what my process is anymore. I guess I'm going over my back catalog so I feel like I'm doing something; maybe I'll get lucky and feel inspired to write some new material, but mostly I'm just hoping to be able to translate some of these sketches into fully-thought-out songs.

It also goes without saying that some of these recordings are really, really old; generally they're lo-fi, and in most cases I was really, really stoned (and so there's a lot of painfully wank-tastic noodling and soloing). I've changed a lot in the years since; I listen to different music, I've become dreadfully shy about guitar solos, I'm pretty much totally sober, and I have much better recording equipment. So there's a lot here that I just don't relate to anymore. That said, there are a few of these older things that I really like, and I'd like to think I can do something cool with them.

This just gave me an idea; when I get around to recording these things, I'll do a "before" and "after" thing. If nothing else, it'll be interesting for me.