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Torquil Campbell of Stars, in today's AVClub, regarding Pitchfork:

"God bless Animal Collective, but they really have, in their own strange way, made indie rock a much more conservative place than it should be. If you can create intellectual distance from your work, then critics will feel clever for getting it and give you good marks; if you create music that fucked-up 13-year-old girls might enjoy, then critics will feel like you're trying too hard and not give you good marks. The Pitchfork phenomenon in particular is bizarre because it seems to have altered the fundamental way in which people get into music. I really do think that people should probably lose their virginity before they start writing reviews for Pitchfork. You should keep things in order in your life before you become an eminence grise - you should do some drugs and fall in love, and then start judging people. Because then you'd actually know something about life, as opposed to just being afraid of it and, you know, thinking Menomena are important." (Emphasis added.)

I like Stars, I really do, and I can appreciate what they're saying about Pitchfork, but what the hell is wrong with liking Menomena?
man, Torq and his crazy anti-Pitchfork crusade... he's been sucking on some serious sour grapes. after the pitchfork review of the new Stars album came out, he wrote this screaming-tantrum rant about it on the band's myspace blog. a few days later, it was deleted and replaced with (i shit you not) just the word "PSYCHE!" luckily, i blogged about it elsewhere and saved some of the choicest quotes!

"i thought since every undergraduate geek living in a state of imposed virginity (i.e. Ryan Numballs) is allowed to effect the the critical discourse in this hellish age we call "now", i too would get in on the moronic inferno and have a bit of a go at blogging myself."

Torq makes it clear at the beginning that he's going to "try to be trite, smarmy and reductive, dismissive, self congratulatory and smug, ill informed, ignorant and overly simplistic. These characteristics seem compulsory in the blogging world and, like all my fellow internet critics, i just want to be part of the club!" And he succeeds, but to what end? I guess maybe I'm not sure of the point he's making.
Judging solely from this interview, and his myspace blog, and some of his actual music, I'm starting to think this guy's a bit of an asshole.
Sour f-ing grapes. That's insulting to the intelligence of the indie music fan (evidently they have no free will to listen to and decide on music themselves and need P-Fork to do it for them) and to the legions of other sites, blogs and aggregators that support so many different acts and get their music out there to the hornrim-glassed masses.

Wow, I don't know why I just got so pissed about that.
I would agree that his rant reeks of drama-queen insanity, but to be fair, there have been quite a few cases where Pitchfork's reviews and scores - which, let's be honest, carry a ton of weight - are skewed and biased. (The French Kicks have basically come right out and said that the Pfork staffer who reviewed their records told the band that Pfork rewrote her review entirely and gave it a much lower score, apparently to satisfy some sort of "edginess" / bad review quota.)

That being said, the most recent Stars album still got a 7-something, which is hardly a thumbs-down, and their previous album got a high 8 (and did indeed lead me towards tracking it down in the first place). If anybody has the right to be super-pissed at Pfork for destroying a career, it would be Travis Morrisson.
I hear what you're saying and I do see the point. All I'm saying is that Pitchfork's power is only as big as the people who read it give it.

This is why I always hit Metacritic to see what everyone else on the internet tells me what I should and shouldn't like.

And have you heard those Travis Morrison records? Eeek.
my idiocy
spending some time in the e-world to let everyone know that i happen to LOVE Menomena and that the quote as it' s written doesn't really rep what i was saying. having said that i should have known better than to bring another bands' name into my comments as in typical style, journalists love to exploit negativity and conflict WHENEVER they can... any way, sorry menoms, you guys are groovy and yes, as someone on this board pointed out, i am a bit of an asshole.
love and hate, torq@stars
p.s.imagine if you were responsible for every stupid thing you ever said. now imagine if you were a particularly stupid person....this is the hell i call my life;)