Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Feeling kinda random. Random = bullet points.

  • I am doing everything I can to not care about the World Series. If Colorado is to have any shot at beating the Red Sox, they absolutely, positively, HAVE to beat Josh Beckett tonight, in Fenway, and even though they already did that earlier this year, they haven't faced live pitching in 9 days. Ergo: Sox win, making Rudy Guiliani happy, and meanwhile I can look forward to a transition year.

  • I would totally do this, if I weren't such a pussy.

  • The new Ween album... kinda meh, really. Although a number of people have claimed it's a grower.

  • This is why I'm so lazy - things keep getting thrown into my lap. Through no effort of my own, I've suddenly got one definite paying gig to score 2 short films (really, web commercials), and another sort-of possible recording gig which I'll talk more about if it actually turns into something real.

  • And meanwhile, I'm still getting ideas for my own stuff, even if I haven't recorded anything yet. That desire path thing yesterday really connected with me, I just have to figure out the best way to express it. I want to wait on recording anything, though, until I actually have something to record; these days, whenever I fire up the software and don't totally have anything set in my mind, I kinda just screw around hoping to stumble across something good, and the little that manages to stay on my hard drive for more than an hour ends up sounding pretty crappy a few days later, and the whole process just gets more and more demoralizing. I used to be good at this, at writing stuff totally in my head before picking up an instrument, and while the looping stuff is fun, it's also a little too easy - and, therefore, it's too easy to get lazy.

  • I use too many semicolons. It's a wierd tic and it's getting out of control.

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