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It's COLD outside. Our cafeteria had nothing to offer, so I ran out to get something to eat without going back up to my desk to get my jacket, and now I am freezing.

1. There's a Dunkin Donuts around the corner from my office. Right now there's a huge banner over the front door, featuring a large iced coffee and one word: "AUTHENTIC." Is that a concern, these days? Are you worried that your iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts is somehow not real?

2. I was in the Subway right next to that same Dunkin the other day, and a guy in front of me ordered a sandwich that very nearly turned me off to the idea of eating food ever again. To wit:
  • foot long, Italian Herbs and Cheese bread

  • Philly Cheese Steak (steak slices, swiss cheese)

So far, so good. BUT THEN:
  • on the other side of the bread, TUNA

  • then it gets toasted

  • THEN he puts lettuce

  • tomato

  • mayonnaise


As far as I know, this man was neither pregnant nor high, so this was a sandwich that he actually wanted to eat of his own volition. As for me, I very calmly walked out of the Subway and then ran screaming towards my office.
although to my knowledge you and i work in totally different neighborhoods, i'll bet it is the same dude who grossed me out at subway around here...

he got a meatball, tuna, steak salad with thousand island dressing. *barf*
I thought we actually worked sorta near each other? Or maybe I'm confused. I'm at 41st b/w 2nd and 3rd.
i work in jamaica, queenz. at one time, many moons ago i worked on 40th and park. then 47th and 6th. before that, 6th and 8th ave. oh and i've also worked right near yankee stadium. i think there is a gross food story for every one of those nabes!
That's really strange; for some reason, I was convinced that you were, at one time, at the NYPL on 42nd/5th.
frab....when barf goes wrong...
My dear son: I enjoy your LJ very much. It informs me in a general way that you, in fact, have a life, and a vital place in the world. This menu entry, however, has created an intense intestinal distress that will deprive me of sleep tonight. I simply cannot get past the two nighmare sandwiches described above to my happy place. Damn, damn, damn!
when i worked at subway, forcibly suppressing my gag reflex became second nature. there were people who came in and got meatball subs with lettuce and, literally, half a squeeze-bottle's worth of mayonnaise. or cold cut trios (i wouldn't feed one of these to a dog, much less a human being) with meatball sauce and again with the endless mayo. i still can't go into a subway because that horrible mayonnaise/yeast smell soaks into the clothes like cigarette smoke at a bar...a bar in the '80s, i guess, since you don't really get smoky in bars much anymore.

p.s. your dad's comment is awesome.