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On Vox: to-do list

I've been going over my backlog over the last few weeks, trying to find stuff that I still like and want to re-record, and I think I've found a few to work on.  Whenever I get around to finishing them, I'll put up a before/after comparison.

It's been a long time since I'd made some of those recordings... I'd forgotten how to play more than a few of them, and there are a few songs in particular where I was making it up and adding overdubs as I went along, which should make these new versions pretty tricky to emulate.

In any event, here's what I want to work on, arranged in order of level of excitedness, top to bottom. 

And then, there are some old loops I want to flesh out.

I'll update this with sound clips tonight, possibly.  Done!


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Thanks man. I don't consider the term "loops" to be derogatory, btw - and after all, that's what they are, with some ridiculous guitar wankery thrown on top. Back when I was doing these on a regular basis, I was experimenting with being a one-man band, and I played a gig or two with this looping setup; that was the whole premise of the thing, really, that each song would feature the loop-building process as part of the song itself. These, obviously, are missing the construction part; I think my recording process in those days was to get really high, and keep building a loop until it sounded cool, and then hit "record" and hope I'd remember how they started.