Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

1. Bunch of things to talk about, but first, some good news. The bad news that I'd alluded to last week was about my mom's kidney; she had a kidney transplant 12 years ago and the doctor noticed that some of her kidney-related numbers were rising, in a bad way. She had a blood test last week, and while nothing was conclusive at that time, a preliminary ultrasound revealed that her kidneys looked OK. She had a biopsy on Tuesday, and the results just came in: her kidney is not being rejected. This is fantastic news.

I didn't talk about it here because I didn't want to invade her privacy, but when I asked her about it, she urged me to talk about it and how important organ donation is. I wish I could be poetic about it, but all I can say is - my mom's gotten at least 12 wonderful years that she would not have otherwise had, were it not for an organ donor. So, people: turn over your driver's license and sign your name.

2. I turn 32 in exactly one month.

3. This has been a crazy week. On Monday, I was determined to start working on re-recording some of my older songs, and so I spent the bulk of Monday evening procrastinating and uploading the old, original versions of what I eventually want to fix, and making a long blog post about it.

Tuesday night, the dogs didn't stop barking until around 9:00 or so, which is when I was finally able to actually do some recording. I started doing basic acoustic tracks for "I'm Connected", but then forgot how it went; at least I remembered how all 3 guitars were arranged. Since the recording was going nowhere, I decided to try putting some other instrumentation over the guitars, but everything I tried sounded terrible, and I soon gave up, feeling rather dejected.

Wednesday, I got calls from two different people asking for scoring. Both on tight deadlines, and with completely opposing styles. I indulged in a wee bit of retail therapy last night, which actually ended causing a bit more stress when I got home.

So today, I'm a bit exhausted and overwhelmed. But the news about my mom has gone a long way towards smoothing things out.

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