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God, I love The AVClub. Today's Special Wonderment: Taste Test: Chocolate Covered Tootsie Rolls. I don't know that I can say that I love Tootsie Rolls, but I can say that me and the wife keep a constant stash of Tootsie Pops, which I do. Love, that is. Anyway, yeah: the idea of a chocolate-covered Tootsie Roll does inspire some deep philosophical issues. What exactly does a Tootsie Roll taste like? Bonus: the comments.

We've had a Netflix pileup for the last few weeks. Had this happened to anybody else? When we first signed up, we were putting all these great movies on our Queue, and being totally excited about discovering all these movies we'd been meaning to see and hadn't yet seen... and now that the initial rush is over, we've got over a hundred movies on our Queue that we're kinda interested in seeing, but there's no rush, and so we never get around to watching what we already have. Anyway, last night we finally watched Man Bites Dog. I remember watching this film in college with a bunch of film majors, and while I remember liking it, I didn't get what the fuss was about. Now, of course, I totally see why a bunch of NYU film majors in the early 90s would freak out over it - aside from being one of the blackest comedies of all time, it's also a remarkably innovative film.
I had the same three movies at home for six months once. I've gotten better, but, shit, sometimes you just don't want to watch 'em. I stacked my backend with totally dark and depressing stuff too, like all of Bergman and Tarkovsky's films. After a week of that I can barely make it out of the house, let alone get to a mailbox.
that happened to me with netflix a little less than a year ago. i put my account on hold (twice).