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Thanksgiving was wonderful, as per usual, and I really didn't want to go to work this morning. Not all the family could make it, but it was great seeing everybody - at both houses - and we ate quite well. Bonus - no traffic, in either direction!

Some quick things:

1. Congratulations are in order to my lovely and esteemed kayhoe, who got her first sale to a complete stranger this morning.

2. I've been looking forward to making my best-of-2007 lists for a while, now, but then I downloaded the new Daft Punk live album, and it's throwing all my lists out of whack. I'm a neophyte as far as Daft Punk is concerned - I know some of the singles, and that's about it - but this live album is fucking amazing, and now I want more. (Those of you that know better - where should I start? I'm tempted to eschew the proper albums and just go for Musique Vol. 1.) My biggest music-related regret of 2007 is that we didn't stick around for more than the first 10 minutes of their set at Lollapalooza - we were tired, and LCD Soundsystem had just blown our fragile little minds, but GODDAMN.

3. Finished Assassin's Creed, and then started Mass Effect. More details here.
Anything but Human After All (or whatever the title of the last studio album was). I guess the songs come across better in concert, but compared to Homework and Discovery, it's not even close.

I've always felt Discovery was more pop-centered, shorter songs, catchier beats, while Homework is a dance record (turn the bass up LOUD).