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It's hailing outside.  I just ran out to get some Dunkin' and the hail was literally bouncing off my coffee lid, into my face

Unbelievably busy week this week.  Just atrocious.  And it's getting worse by the minute.  Josh, I may end up not being able to see you at all this week, which totally sucks.

We needed a new vacuum cleaner, and we'd had our eye on one of those Dyson jobs; well, last night Kath picked one up, thanks to some much appreciated holiday gift-carding.  It's a fucking MONSTER.  The dogs were totally confused by the carpet once we were done.  Speaking of which, the dogs can be NOWHERE NEAR this thing if it's turned on, or else there'd be a serious problem.

Anyway, that's the news.
last night was incredible--it's a shame, but i totally understand.

i do have tomorrow completely off in the morning and afternoon though. do you want to do lunch?