Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

First, some links.
OK.  So.  News.

The commercial I was writing music for has finally finished being edited, and has been sent off to the client for them to do whatever they're gonna do with it.  I've got a QT copy here, but I don't quite know how to show it off just yet - or if I'm even allowed to do so. 

On Saturday I ended up helping out my ex-bandmate with his auditions for a new project he's putting together, and it ended up being a pretty fun day.  Met some really talented people, and it was really nice to be able to hang out with my old friends again.  There's one more audition on Friday, after work, and then I think I'm done with that whole thing.  Plus: I'm getting paid. 

On Sunday, Kath and I had originally planned to do a double feature - No Country For Old Men followed by I Am Legend, and perhaps trying to buy a Wii in between films - but the weather was crappy and instead we stayed home and watched the entire 3-disc set of 30 Rock, Season One, which was one of my Christmas gifts.  (Kath and I are horrendously impatient.) 

And last night we watched Goodfellas in HD, which was fan-friggin'-tastic.

Ever since Thanksgiving, when I finally got to play with a Wii for the first time, I've been craving one, much as I was when it was first released.  And, just as it was when it was first released, they are absolutely impossible to find.  And now I'm getting used to not having one, again. 

Busy work week ahead.  Is Christmas really next Tuesday?  Somehow that seems impossible.

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