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It's funny how addictive my personality can become. A few weeks ago, you couldn't tear me away from my 4-track. But this week, especially since I quit smoking, you can't pull me away from that new DC baseball game. The good thing about my recent insomnia: I can stay up and play without bothering anyone.

Having dinner tonight with the woman, then possibly seeing a movie. I really really really want to see "Sexy Beast".

My record collection seems to be broken, which is incredibly annoying. When I got home I went through my actual collection and found that I was only missing 30 albums or so; unfortunately, I can't even log into the site this morning without getting a wierd error message - plus, my collection seems to have vanished. Thank God I printed it out yesterday before I left work.

Inspired by blergeatkitty, I now present my top 5 Beatles songs of all time.

Tomorrow Never Knows
Here Comes The Sun
Cry Baby Cry
Got To Get You Into My Life
Mother Nature's Son

Other songs that just missed the cut include pretty much every other song they ever made from Rubber Soul onwards.

Finally, I'd like to extend my congratulations to katiesp, who's moving back to the NYC area later this week. You've been missed, man.

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