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92% Mike Gravel
91% Dennis Kucinich
82% Chris Dodd
81% John Edwards
80% Barack Obama
77% Hillary Clinton
76% Joe Biden
72% Bill Richardson
37% Rudy Giuliani
28% Ron Paul
28% John McCain
19% Mike Huckabee
19% Mitt Romney
17% Tom Tancredo
9% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

EDIT: More than a few people are surprised to find Mike Gravel at the top of their list. As far as I know, he's most known for his 2008 presidential announcement video, which is:

I find it more than a little worrisome that this is the guy I most identify with, ideologically speaking.
My list was rank-ordered exactly the same, but with different percentages. Never heard of this Gravel guy.
ha, i got roughly a three-way tie between gravel, kucinich and dodd.
candidate matching
Well, Jer, I seem to be a solid democrat through and through. Edwards - 89%, Obama - 87%, Clinton - 86%, Kucinich - 83% with Fred Thompson at the bottom with 14%....and who the hell is Gravel?? Dad
i got mike as my #1 choice also but had no clue who he was. that video can't possibly really be him. scary. wonder if his press conferences are like that... jen