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Re: Wednesday

A real post is forthcoming, but I can't NOT immediately post this.

First, here's Patton Oswalt's famous bit about KFC's Famous Bowl. (I would rather post his appearance on Conan O'Brien when he did this bit, along with the "grey drapes" bit, but it doesn't appear to be online anymore.)

Now, here's Patton in today's AV Club. The circle is complete.
yeah, i think nbc pulled a viacom and cracked down on most of their youtube clips. :( :( :(
Did you happen to see Reno 911!: Miami? Now, I never watched the show but admittedly Mike and I caught this movie on and watched it--twice. And not just because Patton Oswalt is brilliant in it. Because The Rock is also brilliant in it.

And it has Michael Ian Black AND Michael Showalter. And Paul Rudd. So there.
Yeah, and I have to admit that I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. I didn't even recognize Paul Rudd until the very end. It actually features every member of the State at some point. And Patton is friggin' hilarious in it.
And Patton Oswalt just dropped "Prader-Willi" syndrome down. I must marry him.