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I'm having one of those days where I want to make a substantial post, and I've had pretty much nothing to do, but I'm having trouble coming up with anything interesting.  Bear with me.

1.  Oh, well, this is news.  Cornelius released a new EP today, and I must warn any and all Cornelius fans - don't get it.  It's hard to consider anything that costs $7.99 a "waste", especially from Cornelius, but goddamn, this is a major disappointment.  Of the 10 tracks, there's maybe 3 worthwhile things on it, and one of them is directly lifted from "Sensuous".  Most aggravating is the very last track, which is 33 minutes long.  It consists entirely of three things:  one chord, slowly decreasing in volume over 4 minutes or so... 25 minutes of silence... and another chord, slowly increasing in volume over the last 4 minutes. 

2.  In completely unrelated - and awesome - news, it looks like Duke Nukem 3D will come to XboxLive Arcade sometime in the next few months. 

3.  HD-DVD might have lost the format war, but I'm still glad I have what I have; we watched the first 2/3s of Zodiac last night, and it was jaw-dropping.  The movie was filmed with some state-of-the-art digital camera, and so the data is taken directly from the source.  If anything, I was a little distracted from the movie itself because the picture was so incredible. 

Kath is out tonight; not sure what I'm doing. 
so, wait, how do you know who won the hddvd war? I've been following this because I've refused to get an hdtv and dvd player until one format is declared dead.
The biggest blow came a week or two ago, when Warner Brothers announced that they were going to exclusively support Blu-Ray going forward, and within 24 hours New Line Cinema followed suit. If I remember correctly, Paramount is now pretty much the only studio that exclusively supports HD-DVD, and that period of exclusivity was only for 12-18 months.

I've got an HDTV and an HD-DVD player, and about 25 HD-DVDs right now - what's funny is that of those 25 DVDs, 18 of them are from Warner Brothers.

I still maintain, however, that within 5 years this format war will be completely meaningless, because the way of the future will be Digital Distribution. I envision something very similar to iTunes happening to TV.