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last night and the future

Had a great date with K last night. We ate at Tsampa, which is this amazing Tibetan food place on 3rd Avenue and 9th Street... and then we saw Sexy Beast, which was totally insane. Ben Kingsley should win something for his performance, which was breathtaking, to say the least. It was the kind of movie where I thought I'd be able to tell what would come next, and then get totally sucker-punched. If you haven't yet seen it, do something about it.

My office is a pantheon of non-communication. Apparently, the other girl I work with will be taking over the phone lines for the main partner that I've been working for some time this afternoon. However, nobody's told me who I will then be covering. No e-mail, no phone call, no personal appearance, nothing. Meanwhile, all morning I've been getting phone calls for people I've never heard of. Who can I talk to about this? Nobody, according to the girl I work with - whoever it is that's dealing with this should be by later today, and until then I've just gotta deal.

That record collection site is all sorts of fucked up; thank God I printed out what I had already entered. I might just put that list on my own site, off of, which I've been meaning to work on for a while now - especially since there's a new gig. Of course, what this really means is that I have to pester jongre, or at least borrow his computer. I should probably sketch it out before I do anything, anyway. It'd be nice to get some sound clips of TJE, too...

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