Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

1.  So, this is great news that Johan Santana is a New York Met; I was absolutely terrified that he would go to Boston.  I'm certainly a little curious to know how the Mets were able to get away with giving up basically nothing, whereas the Yankees were asked to give away at least 2 highly-touted prospects, but whatever.  Santana is out of the AL East.  This will also make September's inevitable schadenfreude that much more enjoyable, when both Pedro and Johan are out with injuries, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

2.  And speaking of sports, JESUS CHRIST THE NEW YORK GIANTS ARE IN THE SUPERBOWL!!!  And here I am, with a 40" HDTV and nothing to do on Sunday.  Plus all sorts of snacks.  By all means, people - if you're in the neighborhood, come on over.  Although it means more onion dip for me if you don't. 

3.  Last night's initial wave of giddy anticipation may have subsided, but I'm still pretty excited about the RPM Challenge. 
My alias, M42, comes from a show Kath and I were watching last night. There's a show on (Discovery? NatGeo?) called Cities of the Underworld, which feeds both of our inner archeologists, which features an incredibly douchey host venturing under city streets and seeing what modern cities are built on top of, often with fascinating results. The episode we watched last night was about New York City, of all places. Now, obviously there aren't going to be ancient city structures underneath Madison Square Garden, but as it turns out there ARE some pretty interesting things underneath the subways. The most notable thing is what's underneath Grand Central Station, which is apparently this absolutely gargantuan sub-basement, many times larger than the famous street-level lobby, and which still remains a heavily-guarded secret; it doesn't appear on any maps or blueprints, and the show's cameras weren't allowed to show how to get anywhere near the entrance. There's all sorts of interesting trivia that goes along with it, but in any event - the basement is code-named "M42", and that's good enough for me.

I've got 20-25 song titles now, culled from random Wikipedia articles and/or chapter titles from Richard Brautigan books and James Incandenza's filmography in IJ's footnotes.  I'm hoping that the titles will spur some lyric ideas, since I'm pretty terrible when it comes to lyrics anyway, but there's also a strong possibility that a lot of these songs will end up being instrumental, so it may not matter - Kath really wants me to make an electronic album.  I'm not sure what I'm going to end up doing, other than:  any night that I'm home for the next 2 weeks, I spend at least 2 hours recording something.  After that, I'll look over everything and see what's worth pursuing, and then I'll frantically rush to put everything together at the last minute. 

I think this is what I needed, honestly; I needed a kick in the ass.  It feels really good to be embarking on a project, even if it's obviously contrived.  Now I just wish I could start the damned thing.  I kinda do feel obligated to stick with the rules, and officially start on Friday, February 1.

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