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So, what's up.

1.  Fucking TIRED today.  Went to bed late last night, of course, as I was chomping at the bit to start recording, and the dogs woke up around 3 or so.  I just finished some Odwalla energy drink, and now I'm all jittery - and still tired.

2.  As for the recording... hmm.  Until last night, my routine would be to put a rough mix together of whatever I was working on immediately after I was done with it, so that I could listen to it before going to sleep, and then on the morning commute, and then during down time at work, etc.  There's two reasons why I'm not doing that this month, or at least for this M42 project:  (a) it's really easy to get burned out on a good idea that way, and (b) it also
prevents me from being as objective as I can be.  When I played it for Kath this morning before we left for work, I heard it with (somewhat) fresh ears, as I couldn't really remember what it sounded like, and immediately I knew that (a) it wasn't nearly as good as I'd originally thought, and (b) it had a lot of potential anyway.

3.  Kath is out with peeps tonight, leaving me all to my lonesome.  I will be recording at some point, obviously, although I may save that for the wee hours, since for some reason that's when I tend to really get going lately, creatively speaking.

And.... scene. 
I'll do my first focused work on the RPM project tonight. To this point all I have done is generate a list of possible song titles. I think a big part of what I strive to do this evening will be to determine the best workflow for my current home setup.