Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

impending weather / boredom / cigarettes / college life

Just looked out the window, and it's starting to look rather gloomy. You can tell that it's gonna pour tonight, the kind of rain where using an umbrella will cease to serve any identifiable purpose.

This job is starting to test my limits on boredom. They hardly give me anything to do, and the internet service here is atrocious. On the plus side, they don't seem to mind paying me.

I heartily apologize for these substance-less posts but I'm losing my friggin' mind here.

Tomorrow will make it one week since my last cigarette, and I've only had 2 really intense cravings in that time. Which is amazing, since I used to start spazzing out if I went longer than a few hours without one.

Those of you who smoke(d): what was your brand of choice? I started out in the summer of '93 with Camel Lights (boy, those were the days, when I'd get outraged that a deli would sell a pack for more than $2.30...), and stayed with those until about a year ago, when I switched over to Winston Ultra Lights. If they were out of Camel Lights, I'd opt for Marlboro Mediums or Reds (never the Lights, oh God no), and I had a wierd Parliament fixation for a while - that recessed filter was fun to play with. And of course I went through the obligatory clove cigarette phase, not because of the taste but because it could get me stoned for about 20 minutes - I'd get a mild NO2-ish buzz that was just irresistable in my innocent days as a NYU freshman.

Speaking of which, my brother starts his sophomore year in a couple weeks. He's living in this apparently insane dorm on Lafayette and Canal, a humongous loft space with sick views. Bastard. When I went to NYU, I had to stay in the low-cost triples, which were about the size of the new Beetles.

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