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Damn. I thought this might happen. My temp agency called me up and told me that today's my last day here - apparently there's some crazy restructuring going on, which is why all the phones have been fucked up recently. Now, granted, I don't like working here, but I was getting paid well and I was hoping to start accumulating some extra cash, as opposed to not having any. My agency has been really good at getting me work, though, so I'm not too worried - summer is wrapping up, and it should be easier to find work now. Hell, maybe my next job will let me have Instant Messenger, and maybe I can even download the LJ client again - this Web interface is kinda dumb, and even though it's nice to have learned how to do links in HTML, it's still annoying.

Had a wierd memory this morning, the kind of memory that feels like I might have dreamt it, except that I know it happened. It was back when I was living in the Village, after I had quit Wanna; I spent a lot of time in my apartment, sulking and brooding. One night I poured myself some Maker's Mark and went up to my rooftop to get some air - that building has one of the most kick-ass rooftops in NYC - and I heard a commotion from across the street. I peered over and saw that there was a possibly pornographic film shoot in the top floor of the building; there were girls in robes, and tons of people milling about. However, my attention eventually focused on this one guy who was outside, sitting on the little mini-patio, chain-smoking. I remember inventing a little story about him, how he was perhaps having some unrequited-love issues with a fellow crew member, and how the reason why he was outside was a combination of shyness and a sort-of mental channelling, hoping she'd wonder where he was and would find him. Maybe that actually happened. I remember getting depressed because at least something was happening to that guy; I was merely being a voyeur, and when I got bored I had my empty apartment to return to.

If it were a dream, it would probably say a lot of things about my character at that time in my life; since it really actually happened, it says a lot more.

Editor's Note - 10:10am: Just for the record, this memory is not indicative of my current mind-state or anything like that. What happened was, this morning I was getting some coffee, and the coffee room on this floor looks out at an apartment building which has a lot of patios. The patio which was most eye-level had some sort of make-shift construction thing happening, and I thought to myself, "Hmm, I wonder if they're filming something," and suddenly that memory popped into my head.

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