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I'm finding ways of getting excited for London, one of which was to look up our swanky hotel; another was to find a bitchin' London subway map (a cousin of this fantastic NYC subway map) which seems to indicate that we are on the best tube line in the whole friggin' city; all the places we want to hit are on our line.  (The Piccadilly line, for those in the know.) 

My Kinks CDs just arrived, as did a DS game for the plane.  Woo-hoo!

It's startlingly warm out today, but also overcast and rainy, so nobody wins.  Kath is out tonight and I'm debating whether or not to imbibe at a local bar.   My GI situation has been brutal over the last week; most likely it's nerves about the trip, but still.  Alcohol soothes nerves, but fucks up my system the following day. 

Speaking of alcohol, did I mention that Kath is now into single-malt scotch?  This is a fantastic development.  Not only that, but she happened to find a bottle of Glenlivet in our liquor cabinet that I'd totally forgotten about; I'd been meaning to buy a bottle, and now I don't have to. 
Early into my Good Evening tenure, I got a 2-disc Kinks collection ripped onto my iPod, which I thought would be enough. It wasn't until seeing The Darjeeling Limited - specifically, hearing "Powerman" - that got me off my bleedin' arse.

So let me ask you, then. Today I got Arthur, Lola v. Powerman, Village Green Preserv., and Something Else. Should I also have gotten Face to Face? Or maybe another one?
Right - I couldn't decide between that or Face to Face, and since I'd already gotten 4, I figured I could wait.
It doesn't matter; you have the most important record in my world already. "Strangers" was my contribution to the latest fan-based Kinks tribute CD, and I have vague and unstoppable plans to cover the entire "Lola" album by 2010. As you're probably aware, it's a similar timeline to The Beatles - they did not sound at all the same in 1964 as they did in 1966, or 1969. "Face to Face" and "Muswell Hillbillies" are the albums that divide their early garage single era and their ambitious rock opera rut from what we call their golden era, which is the albums you now have. They're the ones where Ray's creativity was balanced the best with Dave's emotion.

As the recent converse ads show, even the albums you may not like much have at least one killer Kinks song. You may find yourself falling in love with some of the "Everybody's in Showbiz" record (that's the one with "Celluloid Heroes")... it all depends on your personal taste. I know some folks who swear by the 70s rock opera stuff, and I just can't get into that.
Well, if you DO end up recording Lola v. Powerman, consider me your keyboard player.
I'm convinced half my affection for London comes from the tube map. To my thirteen-year-old eyes it was the most gorgeous thing I'd ever seen. This was perhaps my awakening to information design, the art/science that dovetails with everything I do for a living.

This musical interpretation of the tube map hangs in my living room. I think you'd like it.
beer beer and beer
go to any young's pub. order a pint of special. or bitter. or even winter warmer. sit. relax. drink. repeat.

lots of them around but one of my favs is bankside, near the tate.

ummmmm beer

have a great time! jen
Don't even THINK about calling it the subway over there - it's the TUBE, dear boy!