Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

More greetings from London

Friday afternoon here; the weather's been quite nice for the last few days.

We got to take in the British Museum and the Tate British on Wednesday; at the Tate I fell madly in love with this Glasgow artist named David Shrigley and bought a whole bunch of his stuff, including my new favorite gig t-shirt (should I ever play another gig). The British Museum houses a bunch of amazing stuff but in a way it was a little anticlimactic. For example: the thing I most wanted to see was the Rosetta Stone. And so we stood in the amazing lobby, looking at the map, found where it was, turned a corner... and there it was, just standing there, with about 2 pages' worth of description on either side.

As for theater, which is ostensibly why we're here; I took a couple days off, but last night (after an afternoon at the Tower of London) we saw an intriguing but by no means definitive production of Pinter's "The Homecoming", and tonight we see Simon Russel Beale as Undershaft in Shaw's "Major Barbara".

And as for London, which is why I'm here; I like it. I do wish I had a more flexible schedule with which to see and explore, but what I've seen I like. The tube is fabulous and the NYC subway system has a LONG way to go to catch up... it's a bit strange to see absolutely NO American cars on the roads... I am indeed confused by the roads here; aside from the whole "wrong side of the street" thing, I was totally clueless about the pedestrian crosing sections, and if I had been driving I'm sure I would have killed a few people by now and been totally clueless as to why they were in the middle of the street... This is only the 2nd (and probably last) time I've been on a UK computer, but they have the " and @ keys all mixed up here, and it's driving me crazy.

Tomorrow we lunch with friends of Kath's parents, followed by dinner with my mom and stepdad, and then we depart for Logan tomorrow morning; if all goes well, we'll be back in Astoria early Monday afternoon, at which point we'll post all the pictures we've taken (...well, after we stop playing with Lily and Lola).

Hope all is well with everyone; I'm not even going to pretend to try and read everyone's LJs; I've only got 51 minutes left on this computer and the gunk on the keyboard is already making my fingers itch.

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