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1.  Amazing news - my neighbor's lost dog has been found; we got the news late last night.

2.  The AV Club's "My Year Of Flops" continues, and I pretty much have to see this movie now.  I only wish that Nathan Rabin could contribute a commentary track.

3.  Hung out with a friend last night who I'll be collaborating with on my friend's recording project, and, again, I feel like an idiot - how am I only now finding out about Nina Simone?  Jesus Christ. 

4.  I had to stop reading GEB; it was making my brain hurt.  I appreciate the ideas, but I can't follow all the technical explanations and all the notations.  I did manage to buy 3 books in London; The Savage Detectives, Duma Key, and Matter, which I'm currently enjoying.

5.  The Many Views of Abbey Road.
I love Mental Floss. Those pictures were great. My favorite was The Simpsons version (of course!) followed closely by Tabby Road.
I'm partial to the Lego one, personally. It's just too bad that the Paul McCartney album is so grotesquely photoshopped.
I've tried to read Godel Escher Bach 3 times now, getting further each time but always failing. Someday...
When he's talking informally (or even just in terms of the dialogs) about concepts and ideas, I get it. When he starts talking with symbols and logic formulas and notations, I get migraines. So I'm tempted to just sorta skim through the rest of it, and yet I'm sure I'd miss something vital by doing so.