Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

1.  Is it really only 3:00pm or so?  Jesus Christ. 

2.  I've not been posting much lately, but it's only because there's been very little to post about.  Since we got back from London, life has been pretty boring, actually.  Well, "boring" maybe isn't the right word - "uneventful" will suffice.  Mostly I've been watching movies with Kath, or playing my Xbox, or reading, or (very) occasionally drinking at a bar near my apartment where I have a friend who bartends.  That's not a hell of a lot of exciting news.

3.  If anything, I've been having some incredibly vivid dreams - indeed, I had one yesterday that was as lucid as any I can remember in years, and what sucked about it was that, ironically enough, it was really quite awesome - so awesome, in fact, that at one point I woke up to pee and then was able to get right back inside the dream, right where I left off.  And in the actual dream, I had developed magical powers - nothing grandiose, but I could open and close doors without touching them, I could move things around with my mind.  And the dream was so real, and so fun, that when I eventually woke up for good and realized that I couldn't close doors with my mind, I was actually a little bit sad.

There's absolutely nothing to report on the music front; that part of my brain hasn't yet come back from vacation.  It looks like my friend's recording project is about ready to get started up in earnest, though, and we might even be recording at a studio up in Astoria - the same studio where Sufjan recorded Illinois and Michigan, no less!  So that'll be exciting... when it actually starts happening.
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