Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Productive weekend, especially yesterday; cleaned the house, cleaned up the dogs, finished a book, got 2 Netflix movies out of the way...

The movies:

I AM LEGEND:  Boy I wish I had a Blu-Ray player.  Anyway, the first half of this movie was incredibly creepy and tense and exciting, and then the second half totally, utterly sucked.

ACROSS THE UNIVERSE:  Very much a mixed bag - incredibly lush and beautiful, and some of the new arrangements are actually pretty interesting, and there are some utterly fantastic sequences ("I Want You" springs immediately to mind) and Eddie Izzard as Mr. Kite via Frank N. Furter is more brilliant than you can imagine, but in the end I can't recommend this movie to anybody who hates Auto-Tune, because JESUS CHRIST THEY SOUND LIKE ROBOTS.  And when they DON'T sound like robots, they sound like every actor in every Broadway musical ever, which means this ends up sounding more like Rent than The Beatles.  Also, you'd think that Bono (as Dr. Robert) singing "I Am The Walrus" would be a slam-dunk, but he looks like Robin Williams, and that whole sequence kinda falls flat.  Also also, just because you're making a Beatles movie featuring nothing but Beatles music, doesn't mean you need to make everything a goddamned Beatles reference.  Thank God Kath had already seen it, because otherwise I would have driven her crazy.  "I bet her name is going to be Prudence." (Ding!)  "Oh, that's got to be Sadie."  (Ding!)  "Lemme guess - JoJo's guitar will, at some point, gently weep."  (Ding!)  "I bet the movie ends with a rooftop concert."  (Ding!)  To be fair, I didn't immediately notice that Prudence came in through the bathroom window, but they did take the time to explicitly say it moments later. 

I don't ever go to Starbucks, but they're selling this, and I need it.

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