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1. The utterly fantastic Pulp Shakespeare thing has moved into Wiki-space.  I wish I was better at creating iambic pentameter; I soooo want to do this.

2.  Speaking of creativity, I think the songwriting part of my brain is starting to show some signs of life again.  I spent a great deal of the weekend listening to The National's "Boxer" over and over and over again, and right before I fell asleep last night I started to get some lyric ideas, which almost never happens.

3.  Also: finally saw "Unforgiven" this weekend.  What a phenomenal film.  Never been much of a Clint Eastwood fan, nor have I ever really cared for westerns, but:  WOW. 

Anyway - rest of the weekend was actually quite busy.  Had some rehearsals for that recording thing I'm working on; I've got quite a bit of prep work to do.  Lots of errands, including some stockpiling of supplies; Kath's having foot surgery tomorrow and I'm staying home for the next 2 weeks to help her out.  (This will be great, actually, when GTA4 comes out next week.) 

That's it and that's all.
Re: Unforgiven. I KNOW! I'm not a fan of westerns all that much either, but amazing film. A couple of other Eastwood ones you might want to check out if you haven't already are 'High Plains Drifter,' which is less like a typical western, and 'The Good The Bad & The Ugly' which is the film Stephen King based Roland from the Dark Tower books from.
Good Bad & Ugly has been on my NflixQ for a long time; I'm gonna have to bump it up. Shit, I might just have to have a Clint marathon at some point.
Eastwood is a brilliant director. I'm not a huge fan of his acting, but he's directed some real masterpieces. Bird, above all, is a must-see if you haven't already.
Yeah, I think I'm gonna have to do a marathon. But only the classics - the Dirty Harrys, the classic westerns. And also Bird.
LOVE the national and "Boxer". i saw them open for arcade fire and they are awesome live as well. i think they are opening for REM when i see them in june. you should go!
Already got tickets; can't remember what the date is, but we'll be there.