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About to go seriously nerd out and wait in line for the midnight launch of GTA4 at my local gaming emporium.  I don't care how sad it is - I'm fucking jazzed.

Spent the evening playing Wii with Kath, limited mobility notwithstanding.  She is ferocious at tennis.

Listening to Ned's Atomic Dustbin, of all things.  1991!  I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that Album #2 is better than Album #1.  My college roommate had Album #3, and we kinda liked it, but I don't remember it at all except that it was electronic.  Whatever.  I'm rocking out to Ned's and I'm about to go wait in a line in the middle of the night, in the rain.  Woo!
I was going to come and bring up an "argument" (as much as i argue on the internet) that album #1 was better, because on the surface those are the songs that immediately come to mind when I hear the name of the band. But upon a quick glance at titles and a nice listen to a few songs, I'm going to agree with you. Second album is much more finessed.
Until I heard the 2nd Album again tonight, after probably 15 years, I would've agreed with you about the 1st being better. But it's true - the songwriting is tighter, the production is better, and everything is a bit more... shall we say... "in tune". They're both great; I think the 2nd one is just a bit deeper.
I used to be a huge Ned's fan back in the day. I had T-shirts, the EPs, promotional radio singles, and I even had an import cassette of their British-only debut "Bite", several songs of which were re-recorded for "God Fodder" (proper album #1). I have always felt that "Are You Normal?" (album #2) was their zenith, too. That album is just unstoppable. "God Fodder" is quite good, but I think it wanes a bit towards the end and it's not as mature as AYN (and it also features some truly off-key vocals from Jonn Penney.)

I also was just listening to "Brainbloodvolume" (album #3) a couple of weeks ago after discussing Ned's with a coworker-- it has some electronic elements, but more than anything it's still a rock record, and listening to it again a decade later it's better than I remember (though obviously the work of a band who were splintering internally.)

Did you hear that the band was back together? They released a three-song single in 2006 called "Hibernation" which was pretty tasty -- one of the songs, "Ambush", was even in 7/4.

I too am excited for GTA4, though I don't have a system to play it on yet. Think I'm going to pick up the PS3/Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle in June, and GTA4 is sure to follow.
I like #3; it's out of print, apparently, and I can't find it for downloading. I think my old roommate still has it - I'll see if I can rip it from him. I saw something about them getting back together, yeah, but I haven't actually heard anything.

As for GTA4 - I've been playing it all morning. It fucking rules.
The last time I went to a midnight release of anything was for Pearl Jam's Vitalogy in 1994. At a Media Play. Those were the days, Foxymophandlemama, those were the days...
You know what, I think that was the last thing I waited on line for, too. I never camped out for the Star Wars movies.
Check that - the last thing I waited in line for was not Vitalogy, but Vs. Jesus, we're old.
i waited in line last night with my boyfriend. i was also out there for halo.

it was all for girlfriend extra credit points.
If you were my girlfriend, you'd get 1000 extra bonus points. But I'd also be feeling kinda guilty for dragging you out into the rainy night, to wait on line with nerds.