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Great weekend all around.

1. Drinks on Friday with hydrozoa, which had been put off way too long and was much needed.  Vodka, in relative moderation, doesn't give me much of a hangover!  Huzzah! 

2. Overdubs on Saturday and Sunday, but only in the morning.  The record still sounds pretty good, even a week later and with flat mixes.  I'm pretty sure I'm now officially done with my recording duties.  That said, the owner of the studio is getting a new Leslie speaker today and said he would call me up to help him put it through its paces, which would be fantabulous on a multitude of levels.

3.  Recording in the morning meant I got my afternoons free, which yielded much needed hang time with Kath.  Lots of movies watched.  This is not really a confession, but I want to say that I am no longer embarrassed to admit that I get totally weepy all throughout Forrest Gump, especially near the end when he meets his son for the first time and asks "Is he smart or is he stupid like me" and I will totally buy it on BluRay, whenever it gets released.  Yes, it has some pretty horrendously cheesy bits, and some of the special effects look pretty terrible (like, well, all the bits with famous people - Lt. Dan's missing legs, however, still look utterly convincing).  I don't care. 
Forrest Gump is somewhat flawed for the reasons you describe, but I think it's a brilliant movie if only for how it manages to be the American "epic poem." It does for the US what the Iliad does for Greece and the Aeneid does for Rome. Roger Ebert's review adds some insight as well.

But, yes, it works best when it paints broad strokes, and falls on its face when it goes for silly gags (like John Lennon on Dick Cavett).

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