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R.E.M. setlist:

Living Well is the Best Revenge (called it!)
These Days
What's the Frequency, Kenneth
Bad Day
Hollow Man
Mansize Wreath
Leaving NY
Disturbance at the Heron House
Driver 8
The One I Love
Until the Day is Done
Let Me In
Horse to Water
Pretty Persuasion
Orange Crush
I'm Gonna DJ

Supernatural Superserious
Losing My Religion
Begin the Begin
Fall on Me (with Johnny Marr)
Man On the Moon (with Johnny Marr)

I think the only real disappointment was that they didn't play Finest Worksong, which I was absolutely convinced they would encore with.  Beyond that, it was a pretty solid mix of old and new.
the show was totally awesome!! R.E.M. sounded so good and i was impressed with their set design. i would have enjoyed it a lot more had the cocks in front of us moved. hell IS other people. aside from that, great great show. a highlight for me was electrolyte. and from the national's set, fake empire and brainy were great. i didn't like modest mouse too much but for "good times are killing me".
We rolled in at around 7:20 so we missed a good chunk of the National, but they were fantastic. They're probably my favorite new band right now and I got to hear pretty much everything I'd hoped to hear. And R.E.M. were really incredible. This was my first time seeing them and they put on a much better show than I'd anticipated. And aside from missing "Finest Worksong", I can't really complain - they did a really nice mix of old and new.

Where were you sitting? We were in section 310 - not the nosebleeds, but basically half-court, left side facing the stage. (My facebook camera pix do a much better job of explaining that.)
it was also my first time seeing them and i'd see them again in a heartbeat. i had seen the national twice last time arcade fire was in town and they opened for them (last year?).
i also loved, loved, loved "man sized wreath", the film playing in the back and everything!

i was in section 131 so probably the same tier as you, but in the center more.
Oh, the backdrop! Took me a second to realize that the camera footage was live - wow, that was really cool.
You inspired me to listen to REM during my commute this morning. I heard "Fall On Me" followed by most of Green. I think it's going to be a good day.
Sounds amazing! Johnny Marr! The National! Drive!

Eleventy11!! :)
Man, you're making me wish I'd caught them when they were here. I saw them in 1995, and I don't think they played as much IRS-era material at that show as they did at this one. That setlist is pretty flawless.
I was really impressed with how much older stuff they played, especially since (a) most of the older, non-obvious stuff were songs I already really loved, and (b) they played them really, really well, especially "Harborcoat".

Also, when Johnny Marr came out, he and Peter Buck were playing matching Ricks, and he played this really nice counterpart to Peter's guitar line on Fall on Me - I think he played it up a third? In any event, it sounded fucking fantastic.
We saw them at the Jones Beach rainfest but it was an awesome show. They did the end of the world which they never play anymore. Still I saw a few songs you got I wishe they had played...

Tonight we're going to My Morning Jacket at Radio City...