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a little bit of a rant.

Lots of commotion in lj_maintenance recently, re: the possibility of limiting free user access/posting... eh... here, just read this thread.

I think that it's great that LJ is free - that's why I joined. In fact I liked it so much that I felt compelled to pay them, just because I knew they'd be able to use my $25. (This was long before LJ started having the breakdowns that it currently experiences every other hour.) And when I became a paid member, LJ suddenly became a whole lot cooler, because I could do more stuff.

So in the 5 months that I joined, LJ membership has increased something like 500% and everything's breaking, etc. And I feel terrible for Brad & Co. because, I mean, what can they do that they're not already doing? It's not like they're getting paid to fix this thing; shit, I don't even know if they're old enough to drink.

Point being, this grand utopian vision where people could come and, without paying anything or learning HTML or anything else, have an online diary that they knew people would read; it's such a great idea that it's exploded in its own face.

Now, what are you gonna do about it? I don't know dick about computers or servers or anything like that; I gave them $25 to figure it out.

The free users who bitch and moan and complain that LJ's always broken and it's not fair and that LJ's not about the money and how LJ sucks because it's not accepting my 45th entry this hour about how bored I am - these people should be violently kicked in the ass. They talk about how it's all about the community and how facist it is that you have to pay money to get something to work - OK. You're right, LJ's great because it's a community. Don't you think that we could get something done if we, as a community, did something to fix LJ as opposed to yelling and screaming and bitching? Myself included?

** end rant **

Pretty stupid day, all things considered. I shoulda slept in.

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